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About Zach

Zach Brigham is a lifelong Texan and professional photographer based in Austin, TX.  Zach is passionate about his craft, and is always challenging himself to break into new ground and buck the status quo. Zach’s work celebrates the moments that move and give meaning to life. His work capitalizes on the classic look of film while utilizing the endless possibilities of digital. 

Zach prides himself on his professional, easy-going manner. Throughout his years of experience Zach has photographed over 350 weddings (and counting), as well as worked with bands, families, & major brands. Zach takes people as he finds them, and he takes the time to understand every client’s unique chemistry & vibes. 

In his free time he enjoys playing on his softball team, going fishing & hiking, and of course, taking and editing photos! 

Based in Austin, Texas. Married to Krystina! 

Zach & Krystina on their wedding day in Holland
Zach and his dog, Gulliver!
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